My mission is the empower my clients to discover and achieve a look that enhances there inner beauty. I am an experienced professional. I have many clients in the music industry, fashion industry, in addition to my own personal clients and more. I take my art very seriously. Onset I am reliable, timely and have a knack for understanding the creative vision. I am open to to working with various professionals in multiple industries. Feel free to contact me I am always open to new concepts and developing new business relationships.

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Tifani Herndon submitted by danwaslike 

The lasttime ….

should this be the last time we kiss should this be the last time i tell you this is what u gonna miss should this be the last time we fuss or fight and i tell you i have had enough im tired of this the things we have said and done we can not take back baby i love you but this is the last time i can no longer take it the memories are history the reasons why we say we are holding on is a mystery ..

the last time


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shoes game proper

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